Painting Commission for Essex Railway!

I have been commissioned by Essex Railway to create 5 paintings poster size to go along the Mayflower Line, From Manningtree to Harwich

The Mayflower line

Runs from Manningtree to Harwich Town passing through Mistley a small riverside town noted for its large number of swans which gather on the river bank in an area of outstanding natural beauty on the south bank of the river stour a great place to sit and unwind.  Harwich International is an international interchange for large cruise ships making their way around the world. Dovercourt a small busy town with a regular Friday Market, and a short walk to the sea front. At the end of the line is Harwich town where you will find a seasonal ferry over to Shotley and Felixstowe and great day out where you can enjoy a leisurely lunch.  At Harwich you also have the Lifeboat Museum and the Redoubt an impressive circular fort built in 1808 so lots to visit why not take a trip along the Mayflower Line!

These are the commissioned pieces:

I have also been commissioned to create postcards of the paintings to be given out at liverpool street station in London! More photo’s to come!!


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