Self Deleting Diary

Self Deleting Diary 

Created July 1, 2011-Pen and Ink on Paper

This is a diary entry- one day of my life. When i feel like i need to get thoughts down on paper to offload my feelings i write. When you write you turn something that is only accessible to yourself, accessible to others- a way of communicating. I find it makes me vulnerable to share my thoughts and feelings. Dislike others being able to read my thoughts. I also dislike reading back on diary entries of bad days and events- it helps to get them out and down on paper but i don’t like the reminder that they leave and for the fact that others can also read them. This is a diary entry of a day- i have used one page and written over and over the same page until i have finished writing my thoughts- in that way it becomes illegible- however from the state of the line you can see the state of mind.

My Diary- September 17th 2011- Pen in a handmade book-

Shown in Drawing Crowds Exhibition  5th November 2011

A diary i write in when i feel i need to offload my feelings.  Taking my thoughts out of my head where no one can access them to onto paper. In writing over and over one page making the text illegible takes my feelings from inaccessible-accessible-inaccessible again. It is a way of offloading my feeling without text being visible. the text becomes more mark making and the marks, density of lines and entry show the state of mind and thoughts