Second Home

Valentines Mansion

“Second Home”

Cocoon made from 152 cocoons spun by 152 silkworms hand reared by myself.

Installed on a Mulberry tree the food of the Bombyx Mori silk worm

All the silk produced are from free range worms/moths- meaning that they were all able to emerge from their cocoons before I prepared their silk.

In making this work I underwent a similar process to that of the worms, which I reared.  Once all the moths had emerged, I de-gummed and spun into thread before spinning my cocoon using Bio Resin as a Gum.

I have used Bio Resin to set the cocoon which is a new plant based resin made from sunflower oil, instead of a normal resin.  Bio Resin‘s toxicologically safe which is in keeping with the concept, a cocoon being a safe place of nurture.

This piece is a reflection on the way we manipulate the natural world around us for our own personal gain.  Silk being what China built its empire on, domesticating animals and insects for mankind’s financial gain.

The silkworm’s temporary home then in turns helps us to build our own.

This piece is going to stay at the mansion, higher up the tree.  Enabling nature to interact with it- birds to nest in if if they choose.  Fulfilling my woks life cycle.

Making of the work


come see the piece installed and finished at Valentines mansion 31st March-1st April  suspended with its workers!