Intrinsic Unity

Intrinsic Unity (Southbank Centre, Royal Festival Hall)

Collaborative installation:

Joanna Rose Tidey (Interdisciplinary Artist)

Lee Kislingbury (sound and visual Artist)

Huddle (Southbank Centre’s Visual Art Youth Group )+Guests

Photo’s courtesy of Lee Kislingbury

hayward drawing

Joanna and Lee have been working alongside the Hayward Gallery, consulting and training Volunteers to care for Liang Shaoji’s live silkworm installation throughout the duration of the exhibition ‘Art of Change- New Directions from China’.

After meeting and conversing with Liang Shaoji, Joanna and Lee developed a ‘silk friendship’ with the Artist. This ‘silk friendship’ and network extended to volunteers who have played a huge role in making the live installation the success it has been.

The ideas for the 2 day workshop was developed by, Joanna Rose Tidey and Lee Kislingbury

The participants were shown different ways in which they could take the silkworm’s temporary home and approach the task, however able to use these to create their own take on their own silk cubes.

Each individual box made by the participants during the 2 day workshop, unite to create a whole immersive installation.

The participants will be taking their silk cube home with them when the installation is dismantled- continuation of the evolution of the ‘silk friendship’.

The Huddle 

The Huddle is Southbank Centre’s group for young people aged 16-20 from across London who are passionate about visual arts. They meet regularly to explore current exhibitions and collaborate to produce ambitious events and artworks ranging from art installations to creative tours.

Being part of the Huddle gives young people the opportunity to work directly with professional artists as well as Southbank Centre staff, To produce bold and new artworks and develop curatorial skills.

Being a Huddle member is a great way for young people t make new friends from across London and it’s fantastic or young peoples’ CV’s and portfolios.  Anyone aged 16 to 20 can join and new members are always very welcome.

If you would like more information please e-mail us at:

photo’s below of the project taken by Polly Chan