Last summer was intense with my solo show at Whitchurch Silk Mill and all that silkworm rearing! Therefore, through the autumn and winter when the leaves from the mulberry trees have fallen and have gone to sleep over the cold months.  I have put silkworm raising on hold and have focused on painting, art teaching and setting up a new Gallery.

Showing was not on my agenda, however building up a new body of work, using paints was very much of interest and to create a new gallery for the growth of the local arts community was.

So the results of this past 6 months are:

A new body of nature paintings inspired by the great British wildlife, which can be seen HERE

Many have sold before i have had a chance to exhibit them!

however i am building a relationship with an interesting partner to develop this project further which may be announced soon….

I have created some new acrylic paintings which i can only describe as Acid, psychedelic bright Paintings with a hint of Turner!?!

which i could potentially be making some announcements on later this month…. so keep your eyes peeled!!

Unconscious collection Prints will be exhibited in postcard form at the Rose Theatre, Kingston as part of Art of Caring exhibition!

.And as for the Gallery…

Myself and partner Lee have a new gallery called


We have a fantastic artist we are showcasing next who is Southampton based and would love it if you were able to come along!

We have an Exhibition opening on Friday 13th March called ‘Finch’s Fantastic Funland’ 6-9 pm

I believe Finch to be an up and coming artist who’s work is a must see.

‘Finch’s Fantastic Funland’

you are invited to the Private View on Friday 13th of March6pm Till 9pm.

13th March – 3rd April – Saturdays & Sundays 1pm-4pm

‘Finch’ is a Southampton based artist who creates a whole tripped out world of graffiti, most of which is made up from colourful text and vibrant illustration you have to see for your self!!!

A little taster:

Instagram media finch_arts - Little collage of sections #illustration #cartoon #art #graffiti #canvas #artist #streetart #instaart #instagraff #painting #finchart

Contemporary art gallery, located on the historic Old Northam Road, Southampton.

90 Old Northam Road,
SO14 0NZ


Would be fabulous if you were able to make it,

Warm wishes,

Joanna and Lee @ ORB

Last but NOT least….

I am also a Tutor for the Seasons Art Class New Forest and Chandlers Ford!

I teach Drawing, Oil pastel and Painting on a 14 weekly bases! which is fantastic! and very much so enjoy.  I have seen some absolutely fabulous work been produced!


I have just took some of my old eggs out of the fridge and awaiting for them to hatch…. could be any time in the next 3 weeks…… because i didn’t think i was busy enough.  I will be feeding them on artificial diet until my mulberry trees decide to wake up from their slumber…

I think this is all from me-

I will be keeping you updated on the next events both from myself and from my gallery!

looking forward to delivering some fab news in the near future!


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