Long time No News…

Recently i have not been keeping this part of my blog up to date s…so since the summer what has been happening???

Well, since not being updating… I have lots to report.

As you may have noticed all the silkworm information has been taken down off my site- don’t worry, i still have it all.  I just felt that this was overpowering my site and need to focus on the ‘Art’ aspect rather than getting too technical.

Work ‘Self Deleting Diary’ was shown in a group show in the 15th August called ‘Altogether Other’ at the HaHa Gallery, Southampton

The Pop Up Drone Gallery that myself and Lee Kislingbury were running has now popped down and was very successful and the Tribal Drone event was EPIC!


A new gallery has now been secured to POP back up in the form of ORB Gallery down Old Northan Road, Southampton

Therefore we have been working hard to prepare the gallery for an opening sometime soon, so keep your eyes peeled!!


also been producing a couple of new bodies of work, one inspired by the sea:







And Nature




To view all new works please view my online SHOP

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