Spectral Park- New Music! Keep you eye’s peeled!

Spectral Park are set to release their debut album through Mexican Summer in 4 days time!

As Described by Mexican Summer :

We bring you Spectral Park’s debut full-length under the auspices of pop brainchild Luke Donovan, who played all of the music (and records) on the record. These are songs borne from the trash, literally sourced from a box of records the Southampton multi-instrumentalist found on a walk by a council block’s curbside garbage. Donovan chopped them up and fed them through his sampler, warped and warbling, pitch-bent snippets of notes, rhythms and loops spanning disparate portions of musical history. Then he started recording live instrumentation and heavily-treated vocals over them, creating a gritty, noisy, yet wide-eyed and exuberant dive into manic, ‘60s psychedelic, clear-eyed flower child reveries of reverberation and pop chaos.


Spectral Park is a collection of songs that serve as reflections of a fractured year full of joys and sadness, a jumble sale of ideas and moments that work together, dancing and exploding off of one another. These songs lunge off the record, bursting with breakneck tempos and infectious, soaring melodies, sounding as if they are ready to shatter under all of the energy rattling inside. Moreover, they offer a unique and exciting view into a reconstructed musical past, one that brings bygone eras of mind expansion and infinite human potential back within reach. The tale behind this record spans elation and terror, hard decisions and changing environments, and the end result sounds like how it feels to drive through a long, dimly-lit tunnel into blinding daylight. That moment where your eyes begin to adjust has been time-extended by the artist and channeled into this music. Contrary to the armchair cynics out there, better times are coming; they just might not be the ones you anticipate. This record is proof.


2-5 London, UK @ Cargo (w/ Unknown Mortal Orchestra)
2-6 Antwerp, Belgium @ Trixi (w/ Unknown Mortal Orchestra)
2-8 Berlin, Germany @ Paradise (w/ Unknown Mortal Orchestra)
2-28 London, UK @ The Sebright Arms (w/ Girls Names)

Well worth checking out!

Vinyl released on the 29/01/13 and can be bought from Mexican Summer http://www.mexicansummer.com/shop/spectral-park-spectral-park/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spetralparkade?ref=ts&fref=ts

check out a taster of things to come: http://www.bowlegsmusic.com/music-videos/spectral-park-lappel-du-vide-28834









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