New Year, Next Ventures

With the new year creeping, brings reflection upon the dregs of 2012.  The opportunities that i have been given,  the opportunities that i have lined up in the pipe line.

The past few weeks have been hectic on the festive front and quite on the artistic front.

Through analyzing the end of the year- a lot of energy was taken up by the Live silkworm installation, which i had the privileged to be the consultant to the Hayward Gallery.  Training volunteers and being their point of call for 3 months.  With a fantastic workshop and exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall with the Southbank’s Huddle.  Prior to this i was working on a body of work ‘Mould scapes’.  Having time to reflect, these will be pushed in the new year.

Looking into funding for future projects possibly a trip a broad…… and the rest is a glorious mystery!

As an obsessive artist- i do not like the quite times- but those are the times i need to learn to embrace- those are the time to reflect on all the amazing opportunities that have been passed my way, to then ponder new thoughts and experimentation to lead to new pieces- Bring on 2013!!!


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